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August 6, 2016
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November 15, 2016
Fallen Soldier Program


When a member of this organization dies, it takes a toll on us all. Sometimes it hits a little closer to home than others. It is at this hard time, that we as a RR nation come together and help the family of our fallen BrotheRR/SisteRR. Contributions will be made at the chapter level to maximize our resources. However, an individual may donate as well. The goal is to ensure each of our fallen soldiers receive the same level of support. The intent is to respond as a nation in a more timely and efficient manner.



Click here to fill out a submission entry. Once the required information is received, everyone involved in the Fallen Soldier Program (FSP) packet will be notified via email and text.

For future references, we manage a secure database of the fallen soldier's contact information. This information is used to continue formal communication with the family, as well as, to honor them in annual fallen soldier ceremonies.

We also have the resources to create memorabilia such as: “Thoughts and Prayer” and/or ”Thinking of You” cards, pens, ribbons, arm bands, etc

The contact information should include; but not limited to the following:
- Name of deceased
- Name of deceased Chapter, City, State and POC
- Address of deceased family member POC
- Date joined RR (Month/Year)
- Date of passed

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