Who We Are

Ruff Ryders provides digital distribution deals that includes numerous services. Ruff Ryders label services are required for all distribution contracts.

Ruff Ryders wishes to infiltrate the targeted markets strategically to bolster awareness and participation between the target demographic and affinity groups to the album release. Expose the project to the media. Generate a “buzz” or a story and get it written about in newspapers, magazines, fanzines, on TV, and in some cases on the radio.

Ruff Ryders will execute traditional and nontraditional marketing tactics hitting strategic touch points for the key target demo.


What We Do

Ruff Ryders Indy, Inc. is a Global Music Distribution Company dedicated to providing services to Major Artists, Groups, Bands, Emerging Artists and Independent Record Labels from all music genres. RRI is a powerhouse devoted to the individuals goals for artistic freedoms; while responding to current and future trends in today’s viable music markets. Our executive teams and music leaders provide immeasurable support for local, national and worldwide platforms that include distribution packages, digital programs and à la carte services. Invest in your Independence and receive state of the art services from RRI that you would receive from the Majors.

  • Market Plans
  • Mix and Master
  • Work Product Into Major Retail Stores
  • Street Promotions
  • Pitch For Major Label
  • Tours
  • Accounting
  • Business Analysis


What We Provide

  • CEO Plan (All Inclusive)
  • Creative A&R/President's Program
  • Marketing Program/Business Now
  • Jump Start (New Artist Distribution)